Parenting Children with

Specialized Needs Training 

Welcome to the Parenting Children with Specialized Needs Training, presented by The Barker Adoption Foundation! This online event is designed to provide valuable insights and guidance for prospective adoptive parents, and professionals working in adoption and foster care. Join us to learn more about the needs of children, hear family stories and gain practical tools and strategies to assist parents and professionals in exploring openness and readiness for specialized parenting. Conclude with a guided self-assessment to help you understand where a child with specialized needs could fit into your family story. 

This training provides professionals with 1.5 CEUs | Cat 2.

During this training, we will cover various topics including understanding common needs of children in adoption and foster care, guidance in assessing your own readiness as an adoptive parent, and a breakdown of the most important considerations in that readiness assessment. Our expert speakers will share their personal experiences and professional knowledge to empower you on your parenting journey and provide additional resources and tools to continue your research and exploration.

Join us from the comfort of your own home as we navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of parenting children with specialized needs. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.


Watch this preview of Barker's 'Parenting Children with Specialized Needs' training, exploring older child adoption to get a glimpse of what's in store for the full training. After watching, click the link below to access the full training. 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email: for assistance with registration and accessing the training.
Following the training, don't forget to take the Self-Assessment or Graded Assessment for CEU Credit. 

For Families

Parenting Children with Specialized Needs Training Self-Assessment 

This self-assessment is intended to serve as a tool for individuals, providing a means of personal reflection. If you are a couple, we highly recommend that you complete this survey independently and subsequently engage in a joint discussion to share and compare your respective results.

For Professionals

Parenting Children with Specialized Needs Training Assessment for CEU Credit

This is a scored assessment specifically crafted to assess your comprehension of the Specialized Needs Training video and your understanding of the unique considerations associated with prospective families. Upon passing this assessment, you will 1.5 CEUs | CAT 2 

Authentic Stories  

Listen to firsthand accounts from genuine parents who have chosen to adopt children with specialized needs. Discover thoughtful considerations, invaluable advice, and the profound impact that welcoming such a child can have on one's life.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Barker training courses intended for?

We have a wide variety of trainings and resources that are available for birth parents, those exploring adoption, adopted individuals, families, and professionals. 

Is there a cost associated with trainings?

The trainings you will find on this page are free courses we are thrilled to offer at this time. Our LIVE and in person trainings and professionals obtaining CEU credit may include a low cost.

Do Barker trainings provide CEU Credit for professionals?

Provided below the training video, take the a graded assessment to earn  1.5 CEUs | CAT 2 , upon a passing score. 


Please acknowledge that you should not share the information contained within these trainings and videos for any purpose other than personal educational enrichment.